What does “mission” mean for Tribus Urbaines? It means social impact!

Tribus Urbaines is a commercial business with a social mission.

Having curly, kinky or frizzy hair is fun and today more and more people want to wear their curls with natural style. But each time they go to the salon, they find hair-dressers who don’t know how to care for, cut, color or style their kind of curly hair. And when these same women and men try to buy high quality products and accessories made specifically for them, they find nothing. What a hassle!

At Tribus Urbaines we propose a solution to this frustrating situation by offering women and men with textured hair (curly, frizzy or afro) suitable quality products, and hair-care services by professionals specially trained to cut, care for, style and enhance textured hair. We also sell a wide range of products on-line made specifically for curly hair.

Our salons are not only places to get quality, specialized hair care services however. They are also meeting places where openness, listening, pleasure and self-love reign. On a bigger scale, Tribus Urbaines is helping to redefine beauty as something more inclusive, while also contributing to important social shifts towards a more sustainable and egalitarian world.

Tribus Urbaines is an idea born and nurtured in the minds and hearts of it’s founders Carine and Sylvie for several years before finally coming to life in January 2017. Overall, the company’s goal is to generate financial returns that improve the quality of life of company employees and partners, while making a positive impact on the environment, the local communities where we operate, and the larger society.

Let’s meet Sylvie !

She is committed to offering busy, curly-haired women quick, effective solutions to enhance their beauty (outer and inner). She aims for the “wow” effect, creating looks that turn heads. And, she believes that what makes the difference are products that respect our health and the environment and are suitable for curly hair.

The thought of being part of a new revolution energizes her, stimulates her and gives her wings. Sylvie has nearly ten years of experience in marketing and communications roles for the luxury goods industry. Currently, alongside the management of Tribus Urbaines, she co-hosts the “Entrepreneurs” program on Télé Vaud-Fribourg.

A creative visionary with a sense of risk and daring, Sylvie manages the company, seeks out key partners, and finds solutions to the many important challenges to her young and growing enterprise.