Hair growth

Hair grows better on a healthy scalp whose blood circulation is properly stimulated with the right products.

To strengthen your curly, frizzy or afro hair and stimulate its growth, here are the recommended products

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    The base is a concentrate of 16 essential nutrients particularly powerful and 100% natural. It contains active ingredients such as nettle, horsetail, vitamins C & E, zinc and many others.
    It is particularly indicated to slow down hair loss, to improve the microcirculation at the level of the scalp, to strengthen the hair at the root and thus to support and stimulate the growth.

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    EASY POUSS elixir is an intensive treatment for natural hair growth that : Revitalizes the scalp Stimulates follicles for stronger, denser, more hydrated hair. Its formula, highly concentrated in natural active ingredients, boosts blood circulation. Easy Pouss is enriched with castor oil, hydrolysed keratin and sulphur amino acids, which are necessary for the production of strong hair. With regular use, hair loss diminishes and growth accelerates. Better hydrated, the scalp is healthier. Dry dandruff disappears.


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    Its formula, highly concentrated in natural active ingredients, stops hair loss and considerably accelerates hair growth. It increases hair density by allowing better blood circulation of the scalp. Eliminates dandruff, strengthens the root and allows the hair to remain incredibly supple while keeping it healthy.

    100 ml / 3.35 fl.oz