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Curly, frizzy or kinky hair can be fun! More and more curly haired women are wearing their hair with panache. The world would be sad if everyone had the same hair… So let’s shout it out loud: long live wavy hair! Long live curly hair! Long live frizzy hair! Long live kinky hair! Long live Afro hair! Long live straight hair! Long live natural hair ! Long live us all!

A whole lifestyle that we look forward to share with you!

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Right now, our favorite products are

  • CHF38.00

    Color protection hair mask

    Masque de protection de la couleur pour les cheveux colorés et ayant des mèches ou des coups de soleil.

    • Démêle et renforce en profondeur les cheveux traités
    • Hydrate et lisse la cuticule, conférant une brillance maximale
    • Protège les cheveux du stress oxydatif et de la décoloration
    • Prolonge la durée de la couleur.

  • CHF39.50

    Moisturizing hair mask

    Masque hydratant pour les cheveux très secs et déshydratés ou épais et crépus.

    • Adoucit et nourrit chaque mèche
    • Prévient la formation de fourches
    • Rend les cheveux plus élastiques et résistants
    • Confère une hydratation longue durée.

  • CHF41.50

    Silk’n glow hair mask

    Masque cheveux pour un effet anti-frisottis et illuminant destiné aux cheveux crépus, secs et poreux.

    • Contribue à la fermeture des écailles et élimine l’effet frisottis en rendant les cheveux éclatants de brillance
    • Rend les cheveux doux, soyeux et fluides.

  • CHF37.50

    Masque réparateur et nourrissant pour les cheveux.


    150 ml

  • CHF34.00

    An intensive care oil based on the vibration therapy method, which provides the skin, scalp and hair with vibration-optimising nutrients. It consists of emollient oils and flower essences, including tamanu, evening primrose and macadamia oils. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, this fantastic oil penetrates deep into the skin, scalp and hair, providing moisture and nutrients.

    25 ml / 1 fl.oz


  • CHF40.00

    To prolong strands or colouring while keeping hair hydrated, natural conditioner is a must. Made from quality ingredients, it is a genuine natural care product to be offered to the hair on a daily basis. Through this natural conditioner specially designed for coloured hair, INNERSENSE offers a moisturising formula based on rice bran, avocado and quinoa oils. Its gentle composition does not irritate the hair. It is therefore recommended to use it regularly after INNERSENSE Color Awakening Shampoo. Suitable for hair that has been dyed or damaged by too many bad colours, this natural conditioner revives colours, protects them and makes them last over time.

    295 ml / 10 fl.oz

  • CHF27.00

    The soft hair brush has seven rows of sculpted nylon pins with round ends, which gives a smoother, denser movement and defines curls.
    It creates perfect hold when shaping hair and gently detangle strands.
    The classic styling hairbrush can be used to reduce frizz, gently detangle, smooth, add shine and volume.

    The Denman Hair Brush is made of sustainable, high-quality material. It is lightweight, easy to carry and has a balanced handle for optimal comfort.

  • CHF41.00

    Moisturizing leav-in made in Switzerland, specifically adapted to curly, frizzy, kinky hair.

    125 ml / 4.22 oz

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