Abidjan Shea butter 50gr


Abidjan Shea butter represents the quintessence of natural cosmetics.

Ultra-nourishing for baby and mom
– Moisturizing, regenerating, healing and protecting sensitive skins
– Brings elasticity to your skin
– After-shave and after-depilatory waxing care
– Anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, prevents stretch marks

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How to use

Melt a little Abidjan Shea butter in the palm of your hand, and massage each part of your body in a circular manner to make the butter penetrate.

For the hair: as a hair mask before your shampoo, apply Abidjan Shea butter on your scalp, and your hair until the tips, wait at least one hour or all night, then make your shampoo (with natural ingredients preferably).




Pure shea butter

Abidjan Shea butter 50gr